Would you like to become a Rech Cymbals Artist?

    We are looking for highly skilled, highly driven and passionate drummers that are actively pushing themselves and their band(s) on social media platforms.
    If you think you have what it takes, please send us all relevant information/media of you playing.

    What’s involved. You use our Cymbals exclusively and promote the brand through social media and on the road whether it be at local gigs or just chatting to fellow drummers in general.

    We promote you/your playing/ your music by sharing it on our website, social media, and amongst all of our other Rech artists. Whatever you ask of us we will try and accomadate so we benefit together from this partnership.

    You also recieve slightly better pricing.

    Our pricing structure is legit, it’s straight forward, it’s direct. We don’t inflate the cymbal pricing to huge over inflated RRP that you see when you walk into a shop.

    The most affordable way to get a full set is to purchase a box set that includes a free 18’’ crash cymbal up to the value of $299. (Inferno Dark, Inferno Dry, Inferno Complex, Platinum, Atomic, Absolute)

    We want you, Join us! “Get Reched”